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Create an ownable identity for Selected in order to cater for a more fashion-forward, tech-savvy and aspirational customer. Establish Selected as a premium destination for on-trend workwear, whilst building a lifestyle around the brand to cement its purpose in the shopping mall.

We began our process by defining 4 key customer mindsets that could impact our creative output:




Young professionals



Fresh-faced new suit

This helped inform key experiences that we wanted to accomplish in store, which included

Step Ahead

Lifestyle Edit

Knowledge empowerment



In realising the experiences we wanted to achieve, we expressed the vision via the following design principles

Bold Simplicity

One Space

Strength in Detail

Fresh Perspectives

Concept Palette

Sketch Development

Bold architectural statements inform the layout of the store concept, unified by a striking colour palette.

Newness is presented via stepped platforms on which VM can be displayed to shop the looks.

Demonstrating quality and well engineered detail, a single rail runs around the whole perimeter, allowing for a flexible system but also uniting the store as one space.

Large, confident forms define the furniture for the lifestyle edit; using playful reveals and innovative materials to inspire the customer to create their own look.

A space to rest, browse and share, the fitting rooms inhabit the store as a large landed circular form. Here, customers can interact with the Magic Mirror; technology that allows the user to ‘swipe’ looks to curate their own look, which they can purchase and then share with friends via WeChat.

Visual Development

A striking shopfront punches through the space; as the customer journeys throughout, more is revealed, inspired by the transition from the today-you to the future-you

A top seller for the brand, the chino and denim departments are a destination to showcase the product. Digital screens help look at outfit details, fit and process. See the product, touch it, buy it all within one modular fixture.

Breaking the perimeter is the cash desk, representing the final step in the consumer finding their ‘Future You’. Users are encouraged to share their experience via WeChat moments, which are projected onto the wall finish behind.

Lifestyle Edit and Fitting Rooms

Tailoring is anchored at the back of the store, creating a destination area to visit; full suits sit behind glass, which are overlaid with bitesize information on fabric qualities, provenance, fit, lifestyle and trend.

Final Renders




Seating, Magic Mirror and Fitting Rooms

Step Ahead and Lifestyle Edit

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