Remain true to the brand’s character and sincerely held values, and overlay them with an authentic, effortlessly cool sense of understated sophistication and Italian heritage.


Having entered the concept midway through its development, I sought to embellish on the existing work, distilling the ideas to their core values that would distinguish the brand from its competition whilst still adhering to their guidelines.

Concept Imagery

Understated Architecture

Vivid Brand Colours

Bold, Confident Forms

Lifestyle Led

Contemporary Design

Simple & Stylish

Inspired by their frequent collaborations with famous artists, 

We wanted the space to feel simple and curated, much like an art gallery.


This idea informed us on the type of customer that would visit and their lifestyle; we knew that we wanted the space to feel cultured and aspirational, whilst keeping it centred on the brand’s signature coffee blend.


Focussing on clean lines and tactile materials, we developed separate zones of the space depending on how much time a user would spend there, whilst ensuring that retail elements were embedded throughout, displayed as if they were works of art themselves.

Concept Site Planning

Developed Visuals

A freelance 3D designer dedicated to good work, high standards and always having fun