Final Major Project


Death features in all cultures and each have developed a unique tradition with which to deal with this event. However, it is after these events in which the disposal of the dead is often less considered. Through overcrowding of cemeteries as well as high burial costs, methods of body disposal that have been followed for centuries have now been reviewed as a poor use of space and a detriment to the environment as well as our health.

The scheme seeks to answer this dilemma by introducing a new method of body disposal, named Resomation; an environmentally ethical process that claims to produce a third less greenhouse gas than cremation, uses a seventh of the energy, and allows for safe disposal. The site is to be open to all faiths, providing means for a funeral service and memorial via spaces that evoke spirituality and calm from the user.

The development is situated on the site of a disused Victorian fort, on the edge of a peninsula in Brean Down, Somerset. Aiming to complement the existing structure and the surrounding landscape, the scheme will employ use of materials such as patinated copper, rammed concrete, red cedar and corten steel. Materials were selected due to their gradual weathering, showing the passage of time for users who will return to the site in future.

Brean Down Fort Photoshop Visual IAD

Context Plan

Waiting Room Photoshop Cinema 4D Vectorworks 3D Final Project NTU

Waiting Room

Chapel Photoshop Cinema 4D Vectorworks 3D Final Project NTU


Garden Photoshop Cinema 4D Vectorworks 3D Final Project NTU

Remembrance Garden

Section Drawing Photoshop Resomation Crematorium Church Design 3D