ASK Italian

Multiple Sites

Dalziel & Pow


To refresh a series of restaurants across the UK, developing on the core palette to create an upbeat dining experience.

Current Scheme:





Fresh & Bold

What we can bring:

Classic Italian design aesthetic

Contemporary nostalgia

Sophistication and focus

Subtlety of material choices

Refined graphic elements

We can develop on this via...


  • Introduce an editorial layer to the sites to educate and inspire customers.

  • Create a display that tells the story of where your products come from, how they’re made and who makes them.

  • Sharing knowledge and passion about the food you serve.

Architectural Patterns

  • Develop the patterns in use to be less overpowering in the space

  • Deconstructed and varying scales for application

  • Little and often rather than full wall application 

Directional Signage

  • Develop the fonts in use to be more expressive/stylised

  • Introduce more conversational language and clearer directions for customers

  • Develop/introduce a pattern that is recognisable to the ASKItalian customer

Concept Development

We evolved on these ideas into zonal areas to allow customers to choose the ambience of their meal.

Entrance / Brasserie

An expressive feature, the ‘Cibo’ Wall, layers textures and inspiring photography to present where their ingredients are sourced, inspired by good authentic Italian food.

Introducing the brand experience and integrated brand graphics.

Outdoor areas to feel like a fresh Italian veranda.

A relaxing, casual environment, controlled use of colour.

Dining Room

Design classic lighting to create a comfortable and theatrical atmosphere.

Classic stitching / button detail in seating.

Decorative cabinetry & geometric forms.

Controlled use of graphic pattern in the floor.


Props and visual merchandising to add to the experience; surrounded by percolators, colanders and rolling pins, making the user feel at home in a contemporary Italian kitchen.

A Communal kitchen table for hearty conversations, amongst growing fresh foliage.

Simple geometric furniture pieces with open displays.

General Mood

Modern Milanese kitchen as inspiration

The core palette was developed by introducing current trend-inspired colours, materials and finishes and adding to the graphic language to create an upbeat dining experience that brings the theatre of fresh Italian food back to the restaurant

Considered displays

Sophisticated colour and material palette

Fresh herbs and plants


Aberdeen Site Mood

Each site includes unique treatments, fixtures and fittings to reflect a unique homely experience.

Aberdeen Plan & Elevations

Italy Map Detail

Aberdeen Site Photos

Aberdeen Site
Aberdeen Site

Aberdeen Bar
Aberdeen Bar

Aberdeen Site Wall Detail
Aberdeen Site Wall Detail

Aberdeen Site
Aberdeen Site